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Working to help you leave a legacy for your family and business.

As a licensed life insurance agent, Munirah Mullen,  is passionate about educating individuals and business owners on protecting their family and business through several insurance products offered by many well-known, A-rated insurance carriers. 

Initiating the conversation about life insurance is tough because you have to begin thinking about what happens to your children, family and assets in a worse case scenario.  Fortunately, some policies have living benefits for you to access while your alive and well, helping with income when you need it most.  Having a conversation with your family AND getting protected today, could ease the financial burden from your loved ones.  If planned correctly, your legacy could be the start of your family building (or increasing) its generational wealth."  - Munirah Mullen

Life Insurance Products

Learn about the different types of policies offered below:

Term Life 

A term life insurance policy has a specified end date, hence the word "term".  The death benefit is only paid if the insured dies during the specified term. Usually, term life policies offer higher death benefits in 6 to 7 figure amounts.

Term life can typically be converted to whole life (permanent) policies. 

Most have a level death benefit, meaning the policy amount stays the same throughout the term; however, some policies have a decreasing death benefit that is ideal for mortgage protection (as the mortgage amount decreases with payments).

Whole Life/Final Expense

Whole life insurance policies are permanent policies that usually last until age 100 up to 121.  Whole life policy premiums are typically higher than term life policies and the death benefits are not as high as term life policies.

The advantage is whole life policies have a savings component that builds cash value allowing the policyholder (not the insured) to take loans or withdrawals from dividends if earned.

Final expense policies are whole life policies; however, the maximum death benefit amounts are typically smaller maxing out around $50,000 depending on your age.

Indexed Universal Life

An indexed universal life policy is a type of permanent insurance, like whole life, that builds cash value in addition to the death benefit.

The money in your cash value can earn interest based on stock market indexes offered by the insurer (i.e. S&P 500 or Nasdaq) and typically includes an interest rate guarantee.

Although the cash value in these policies follow the market, they offer protection from losing value if the market falls.

There is no quoting tool for IULs at this time.  Please contact me to get a customized quote.

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Other products include Children's Whole Life, Mortgage Protection, Key Person Life Insurance, etc.
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